BRUISES, a romantic thriller, by Campbell Dalglish  (2004)

BRUISES was developed in New York City using methods similar to Mike Leigh and John Cassavetes. This clip is the opening to a feature where we see how CHARLIE MCGOWAN, a war veteran and electrical engineer, wakes up to a world still at war with himself and his girlfriend, KEY, a bicycle messenger.  He becomes homeless, and must now figure out a way to research and develop his solar ballast that he believes is an answer to world problems. But first he must figure out his involvement in an atrocity that he keeps dreaming about. A full length feature script (115 pages) shows how he meets an upper class woman, MONA, who is struggling with her own trauma following a fatal car accident. Mona must figure out how the drunkard she killed in a head-on was blamed for the accident she knows she caused, the how and why of which involves a scandalous affair with a child. These two misfits meet in the warped world of trauma and in their darkest hour, they battle out the cause of their fear and shock, coming together in an unusual bond of love. The premise of this story is how two people are able to enter the maze of intersecting traumatic nightmares and find a love that rescues them both.


A HARD WAY OUT, inner city gangs, by Campbell Dalglish (25 min) 1992

A HARD WAY OUT was conceived, developed and co-produced with The Institute for Community Research and CPTV/Ron Gould in Hartford, Connecticut. Working with a group of teens after school, these non-actors act out a story from real life experience depicting the roles they play when gang rule takes over their home. The purpose of this short film was to provide the community a short fiction film directly from their neighborhood to facilitate discussions around gang violence, drug trade, and poverty. Broadcast on CPTV and distributed to communities world wide dealing with these issues, Dalglish co-authored with Dr. Jean Schensul, a chapter for Participatory Visual and Digital Methods, edited by Krista Harper and Aline Gubrium, to be published by LeftCoast Press, spring 2015.


DEER WOMAN: WHAT THE ELDERS SAY by Campbell Dalglish (5 mins) 2006


DEER WOMAN: WHAT THE ELDERS SAY is a special affects documentary shot on the Omaha Reservation in Macy Nebraska, illustrating some of the mythical attributes of a legendary bogeyman that still haunts the reservations of the Plains Indians today. A full length feature (115 pages), optioned by Chris Eyre, is ready for production on the Omaha Reservation, Macy, Nebraska.



DANCE OF THE QUANTUM CATS by Campbell Dalglish (writer/director/producer) Catherine Oberg (editor) (20 mins) 1994

DANCE OF THE QUANTUM CATS is a romance between a black Muslim girl and a white 2nd generation Scotsman, recovering from separate acts of inner city violence that took both of their fathers on an Easter Sunday morning.

Feature script (110 pages) ready for production. Act I submitted as a short film won several wards:
* Best Narrative Film, Connecticut Public TV (CPTV) Film & Video Competition, Connecticut Commission on the Arts.
* Gold Award Best Short Subject, Philadelphia International Film Festival, PA.
* Best Short Picture, Best Story, Best Cinematography, (three separate awards) American International Film and Video Festival, CA.
* Best of the Fest, Rochester International Independent Film Festival, NY.
* Golden Diana Award, The Golden Diana International Short Film Festival, AUSTRIA.
* Silver Award, UNICA/Union Internationale du Cinema, POLAND. Selected by American International Film and Video Festival to represent USA.
* Bronze Award, Short Subject, Houston International Film and Video Festival, TX.
* Selected by CINE to represent the US at the 12th International Peace and Reverence Film Festival, Hiroshima, JAPAN.
* Honorable Mention, The Chris Awards.