STATELESS, a feature film without a script, stars a diverse group of talented actors and filmmakers from New York City. Principal HD photography is complete. We now need to raise $30,000 for finishing funds. Please see the IndieGogo campaign and help us bring this film to the big screen soon!



All characters were developed through a rigorous collaborative process adapted by director/writer Campbell Dalglish from renowned filmmakers such as Mike Leigh, John Cassavettes, dramatic artists Dario Fo, Keith Johnstone and Augusto Boal. Shot entirely in New York City and on Fire Island, the actors explored their characters through intense improvisations that were then distilled over the course of several months into tightly rehearsed dramatic moments. There are no improvisations in front of the camera. Each character in STATELESS yearns to connect. The universal theme of trying to preserve one’s own identity when forced to relate with one’s opposite is at play in every scene.



Haitian woman, VILLANA, 23, has medical problems, no identity papers, and is land-locked in the Dominican Republic. She is smuggled into New York by her Dominican half-brother, MANNY. Villana, a religious woman, wants to get pregnant before surgery, an operation that will render her infertile. She hopes to find love with a man willing to quickly impregnate and marry her.  A tall order for sure!   Manny’s boss, PATTI, is a tyrant at a truck shipping dock and is a complicated philanderer with a thing for black women. But he is looking for a soul mate. AURORA, his secretary from Romania, thinks she’s the one, and makes every move she can to get him interested in having a family with her. He’s not.  Add to the mix the catalyst – a video game model, SALLY JONES, THE BAD ASS ZOMBIE KILLER. In a rage because her producer, KENT, has plans to edit her out of her own video game, she steals the hard drive and goes out in search of someone who can defend, protect, and help her produce the piece on her own. She hooks up with Patti at a bar and goes with him to his apartment where they engage in sexual seduction games. At first Patti believes he has finally found a woman who understands him. But things get wild when NOAH, Patty’s long lost, androgynous half-brother enters to start a threesome. Patti will have nothing to do with it and kicks them both out of the apartment.  Sally Jones hides something under the couch. On the stoop Noah runs into the producer Kent who is stalking Sally to get his hard drive back.

The next day Patti meets Villana who has come to meet her brother to visit a hospital to get diagnosed for surgery.  And there she is- the woman he’s been looking for all his life. He invites her and Manny to a dinner party that he orders Aurora to prepare, knowing Manny has a crush on Aurora and will bring his sister if Aurora is preparing the meal. But his half-brother Noah is back in the apartment bathing. Just as Patti and Noah start fighting, Villana and Manny arrive. Noah leaves, runs into Kent and Sally in search of the hard drive. As all characters converge in the apartment, each with an agenda to manipulate the other, chaos breaks out, with each character’s future at stake-depending on how they react to the current situation they are each thrust into. It’s a archetypal struggle played out in contemporary times between cultures, genders and modern technology that robs characters of their identities, while at the same time providing them with a means of survival. In the end Patti must change his ways, beginning with his combative relationship with his brother, before Villana is willing to accept him as the man who can provide her with the family and future she so desperately wants.




PATTI…………………..Jacob Baccus
VILLANA………………Marie Guylene Riche
MANNY………………..Jonathan Cruz
NOAH…………………Nelson Patino Jr
YOUNG PATTI……..…Milo Oberg-Dalglish
SALLY JONES…………Erin Poland
KENT…………………..DaRon Ross
AURORA………………Tati Baramia
DOCK WORKERS…….Frank Hooker, Julian Amaro, Piruz Alemi



VILLANA: Marie Guylene Riche

Marie-Guylène Riché (VILLANA) from the beautiful City of Lascahobas, Haiti, became a New Yorker in 2001. Portrayed Bernarda Alba in  THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA. She was  most recently seen as Michelle in MICHELLE. Other credits include OEDIPUS, STRANGERS DON’T DRINK COFFEE (Sophie Davis Theatre); and LIFE IS A DREAM (Tribeca Theatre). A graduate of CCNY, BA in Theatre  (Magna Cum Laude). Currently in development on a new documentary about Haitian immigrants living abroad. She recently studied abroad at the University of Roehampton in London England.



PATTI: Jacob Baccus

Jacob Baccus (PATTI) is originally from Oklahoma, graduated with a BA in Theatre CCNY performed off off  Broadway LAST MAN OUT. In film his credits include DISCOVERY ID SHOW DEADLY DEVOTIONS, A STEP TOWARD OBLIVION, and BROTHERS.





NOAH: Nelson Patino Jr

Nelson Patino, JR. (NOAH) a native New Yorker, graduate of CCNY, BA in theatre, performing since he was 10. Recent theatre credits include, City College’s production of GODSPELL and EDGAR ALLEN POE’S NIGHTFALL at the Roy Arias Studio Theatre. Nelson is also a stage director with David Mamet’s SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICGO at Aaron Davis Hall.



emilySALLY JONES: Erin Poland

Erin Poland (SALLY JONES) recently moved to LA, where she is producing her own cabaret company. She writes, dances, sings and performs with her group once a month. She is a part of the theatre group in North Hollywood Zombie Joe’s underground. She has been seen on Judge Karen as Sara Jean Olsen, featured in many indie films around New York and one of her most notable roles include “Beth” in Sam Shephard’s A LIE OF THE MIND.



HeadSHOTaMANNY: Jonathan Cruz
Jonathan Cruz (MANNY)  With roots in the Dominican Republic, Jonathan was born in New York City, is an actor, singer and US Navy veteran. Trained at Penny Templeton Studios, he has a BA in music and has had extensive theatre training at the CCNY.  He has performed in various indie films and also on-stage throughout the tri-state area.  You can see him featured in the recent short film “Waiting for a Train,” currently creating a buzz at film festivals.




KENT: DaRon Ross
Daron Ross (KENT) is an actor and producer, known for CIGARETTES FOR BREAKFAST (2008), an official selection at the Urban World Film Festival in New York City, DEATH OF A NATION (2010) and BLUE MOON (2003). Recent Credits include HACKED (In Post-Production), SMILE (In Post-Production), JANUARY 30TH(Post-Production). With more than ten years of acting experience in theater and film, Daron Ross garnered critical acclaim in the renowned production of David Rabe’s “Streamers” as ‘Carlyle’. He also received accolades for his role as ‘Kyle’ in “DEATH OF A NATION” (winner of the Directors Circle of Shorts, the Golden Eagle Award, and Indie Fests’ Best Short Film).




AURORA: Tati Baramia

Tati Baramia (AURORA) was born and raised in Tbilisi, Country of Georgia. Immigrated to the states at the age of 13 with her family. Graduated from CCNY with Psychology major and Film Studies Minor. Credits include: theatre: LUNATIC LEPRECHAUN, INDISCRETION, SUGAR DADDY, SOMETHING OUTRAGEOUS, and film: HOUSE OF BLUES, IMAGO MUNDI and BABY and various commercials as a model. She is currently working on a short film overseas and participating with Ge-Art Actors Agency and Bicoastal Models Agency.




YOUNG PATTI: Milo Oberg-Dalglish

Milo is currently a first grade student in Patchogue, a pianist, soccer player, mountain climber and an aspiring filmmaker.




Frank R. Hooker, Jr. ( DOCK WORKER, Gaffer/ Grip, Assistant Editor) Is a graduate of CCNY BFA and MFA Film Programs and has been at the cutting edge of guerrilla filmmaking for over a decade. As CEO of HarlemWood Entertainment, a multi-media company, he has amassed a large catalogue of work ranging from fictional (True American Love,, Lickity Split, Watermelon, Brother) and documentary films (Plus Minus Black, Grannies vs. War in Iraq, Out of the Mouth of Babes) to genre breaking music (Soul Raunch). His work as a film educator has produced numerous protégé’s who have ascended in the craft, and garnered awards through the NAACP. His themes, which focus on identity, pathos, and nobility in the face of ignorance, serve as templates to relate a multi-cultural society to their commonalities.



unnamed-3Julien Javier Amaro (TDOCK WORKER, Gaffer/Grip) has always had a passion for the arts. Born and raised in New York City, Julian grew up surrounded by theatre, film, museums, and creative expression. He began drawing at age 5. His passion for the arts drew him to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts. He graduated with a major in Drama in 2003. He pursued a higher education in art, animation and film/video production, graduating from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with two bachelors degrees in Media Arts & Animation (2006) and Digital Filmmaking & Video Production (2008). Julian lives in New York City and is currently the Senior Editor for CUNY TV’s “Science&U!”. He continues to work on various film/video/animation projects. Credits include OUTWORLD, LONGING, PLUS MINUS BLACK, LOST IN THE CITY, MAINLAND, KISSES AND HUGS, GENERATIONS OF SILENCE, SMALL TALK, MINISCEONGO, TOM IN AMERICA.

unnamedPiruz Alemi (DOCK WORKER, Grip) has a PhD in Political Economy and an MFA in film. Currently he is a member of faculty of political economy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. On one of his trips from New York back to Tehran, Piruz enrolled in the film classes of Ustad Nāsser Taghvāí. The atmosphere of those classes were tense. It was never clear if or when either Taghvāí or a student could be arrested. Piruz made his first formal film on an adaptation of a Sadeqh Hedayat short story in Iran. On his return to New York he produced COUP, covering the untold story of a shooting on unarmed civilians. The documentary plot reveals the implementation of a British racist policy whose military and religious, fanatic and fascist network of collaborators ultimately blocked the nationalization of oil and led to the sexual segregation in Iran and the ascendancy of the Islamic State.






Writer, director, producer: Campbell Dalglish

First Camera: Niav Conty

Second Camera: Uladzimir Taukauchou

Second Camera: Freddy Alcantara

Second Camera: Sara Kim

Third Camera: Campbell Dalglish

Sound: Alex Leu and Uladzimir Taukauchou

Assistant Editors: Campbell Dalglish, Frank Hooker, Ray Guarnieri

Assistant Director: Ray Guarnieri

Wardrobe: Emily Cahill

Music by Sage Brantley



 Writer, director, producer: Campbell Dalglish
ampbell Dalglish – Founding Director of D’Arc Productions, an award winning playwright, screenwriter and director.

Campbell is currently a tenured professor in the film program at City College of New York where he teaches screenwriting, directing and documentary. Previously he performed over 500 writer and media residencies around the country in schools, gifted and talented programs, prisons, juvenile delinquent centers, youth camps and community literary clubs, teaching media literacy, or as he likes to describe it – electronacy – giving marginalized people as well as mainstream creative thinkers an edge in media and communication arts. He is also a Film Commissioner for Suffolk County on Long Island and President of the Plaza Cinema and Media Arts Center in Patchogue ( that houses the George Stony School of Documentary Filmmaking, named after colleague and friend George Stony.


Bike-PrepFirst Camera: Niav Conty
Niav Conty (Director of Cinematography) studied acting at Skidmore College, then moved to France where she began making films in workshops with renowned filmmakers Boris Lehman and Pedro Costa. She was also oscarized filmmaker Joseph Strick’s personal assistant for many years.  She has had several shorts in festivals worldwide,  and her no-budget feature Un peu plus d’éternité, is out on DVD with L’Harmattan Vidéo. Currently back in New York with an MFA in filmmaking from CCNY, she has received the Kodak Award for  cinematography, the NYWIFT scholarship, and is a 2013 Princess Grace Award winner. She is pursuing a career in narrative filmmaking and cinematography.



_81C9364cawebSecond Camera: Uladzimir Taukauchou
Uladzimir Taukachou (Second Unit Cinematographer, aerial photography, sound) born and raised in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to the US from totalitarian Belarus in his twenties. He brings his unique vision to his work and problem solving having lived in two opposite systems communism and capitalism. His cinematography credits include “Beard”, a short experimental film. “Vince Giordano – There’s a Future in the Past” feature-length documentary about the musician, “Plain Jane” (TV series 2012), Urban Animals (TV show 2014). He recently directed, produced, shot and edited short fiction film “Waiting for a Train”, premiered at Willifest (2014), screened at Golden Door International Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, NYC International Film Festival (2014). Assistant director for “I Spend Time with Making: Lucas Samaras” a portrait of Greek-born American visual artist. He got cinematography and aerial photography credits for documentary films about American Indians in Oklahoma “Building Bridges: Indigenous Media”. Other original works include: “Rice,” “No Pizza for Sandy”, “Handball Legend Brought Back to Life”, “Forgotten New York – Yellow Submarihort filne.”


freddySecond Camera: Freddy Alcantara
Freddy Domini Alcantara (Second Unit Cinematographer) was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. With both of his parents photographers, he was born with a special curiosity in the aesthetic of the image.  Studied with cinematographers Robert Cornelio, Justo Cruz and Alberto Sayaz, and  at New York Film Academy where he met Lukas Shepp with whom he photographed “Justice in D Minor,” a film that premiered at 2013 Cannes Film Festival. On June 2014 his work in “Harvard On Hudson” as a Director of Photography made in the top 6 finalist in a nationwide competition in Hollywood at the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) clubhouse. He is currently contracting as a videographer/DP for multiple high end wedding companies, television commercials and independent narrative filmmakers.



Second Camera: Sara Kim
Sa Hwa was born in Busan, South Korea and grew  up in Los Angeles. She received her BFA at the UCLA School of Theater, Film & TV and subsequently worked as an editor in TV and film and as a film festival program coordinator at various film festivals in Los Angeles. She is a recipient of MPAA Awards, the Peter Stark Memorial Award and the Armed With a Camera Fellowship. Her film ‘Ode to a Christmas Tree’ screened at film festivals and broadcasted internationally. She is currently developing her feature film ‘When the Bamboo Flowers.’


unnamedAssistant Director: Ray Guarnieri

Ray Guarnieri (Assistant Director, Assistant Editor) is an award winning Director from Buffalo, NY. His feature “Buffalo Boys” won “Best Coming of Age Film” at the 2013 Manhattan Film Festival and “Best WNY Feature” at the 2013 Buffalo International Film Festival. Ray is an actor as well as a director and producer, and can be seen in Jordan Coleman’s “Payin’ The Price,” which won “Best Feature Film” at the 2011 HBO Film Festival. Current projects include the narrative film “Physical Attraction” Produced by Joey Dedio, starring “The Voice’s” Raquel Castro, and the documentary “Up in the Air,” surrounding the life of legendary choreographer Louis Johnson.

emilyEmily Cahill (wardrobe) graduate of CCNY, Magna Cum Laude, BFA in Film. A Hudson Valley native, works as the Video Content manager and Editor for a fashion company based in the East Village. Credits include HARVARD ON THE HUDSON, MOTHER’S HOUSE, and her award winning short film, FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH. She is currently one of Jeff Lipsky’s Assistants on MAD WOMEN.





unnamed-2Sage Brantley (original score) Growing up in New Haven, CT, Sage Brantley started his career in music with The American Boy Choir, where he toured all over the world, close to 100 performance a year, including stops in Japan and Eastern Europe, and performed at Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. After attending Indiana University for Audio Engineering he began producing, recording, and songwriting for various artists. He also worked on sound design for EA sports, including the games NBA2K6 and ATV Offroad Fury for Playstation. After moving to New York City Sage worked at Collective Hardware Artspace as a producer/songwriter, and started the band Dog Soldier Society which toured all over New York and overseas. Sage now lives between Brooklyn and the Catskills where he has his recording studio. He is currently working on a Peter Tosh documentary and various commissions, in addition to recording a new album.

unnamedAudio Recording: Alex Leu
Alex Leu is a New York based film director with over seven years of experience in film production. Recent credits have included The City University of New York, Prism Pictures, New York Film Academy, and Ford Foundation. Alex also received honorable mentions on commercials which he directed for the V8 and Clinique advertising contests. Born in Eastern Europe, Alex Leu spent his childhood immersed in music. Majoring in accordion at an early age, he won numerous awards as a soloist and member of different accordion orchestras both at home and abroad. Constantly looking for new ways of self-expression, Alex taught himself how to play the guitar. Early in his career as a musician, he began writing original music. As he concentrated on music composition, he discovered film scoring and the power of storytelling, which led him to study film at The City College of New York. In his quest to explore life through the arts, Alex hopes to merge music, writing, and visuals into a tandem of expression and truth.