PLAZA MAC PROPOSAL by Campbell Dalglish and Catherine Oberg (10 mins) 2009

So where did this whole idea of a PlazaMAC come from? When I first moved from NYC (where I continue to teach filmmaking full time at CCNY) to Patchogue in 2000, I saw the old Plaza Theater on East Main Street standing vacant since 1985, and I thought if I’m moving into this town, which was pretty much boarded up at the time, I needed a cinema art house where I could go and see movies that were screened either in NYC or in Huntington, too far away for my commute! When a group of community members called Focus East Patchogue gathered in front of the building to have it torn down in September 2009, I grabbed my camera, and against my wife’s best wishes, I got involved in something that to this day has been a fulfilling commitment for her and I. As an appointed Film Commissioner for Suffolk County, working with Michelle Stark, she advised that I visit a few model examples of my idea, and so I started making my visits- in New York and Connecticut, and to date, nationwide. Out of it came this ten minute promotional tool that I used again and again to show people what I was talking about. I presented it before over twenty gatherings as a discussion piece about how to make such a center happen. We weren’t going to be just another movie house that would pass away with the rest of the dinosaurs out there. After all, there were six movie houses that preceded this one in Patchogue. We had to create something that would be sustainable and make a difference in our community. We still have a long way to go, but we’re very proud of our progress, and with the support of the community we will get there. We are now proud members of an Cinema Art House consortium nationwide that meets every January in Sundance, Utah, to discuss how to keep our cinema, with windows to the world, open for a very long time. We need to know what is going on in the world, and to have a Cinema Art House that shows films from other countries, as well as operas, ballet, theatre, as well as teaching media literacy to the local community – that is a culture worth living and dying for!

DISCOVER PATCHOGUE by Campbell Dalglish and Catherine Oberg (10 mins) 2011

Patchogue has a history that is very unique and a bit of a mutation when you think about how it has recently become a little boom town happening when the rest of the country was sinking into a deep recession. My wife, Catherine  Oberg and I worked with Kelleen Guyer under a grant from the Knapp Sweezy Foundation to put together a video segment for the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce that would help outsiders discover who and what this little village was, to meet its members, to see its businesses, and to present the multi-cultural elements that make this town so unique and unstoppable as a great cultural come-back village on the South Shore of Long Island. A lot of credit goes to Kelleen Guyer who worked with me as a co-producer, while I conducted the interviews and performed all the camera work, for Catherine to then edit. There remains over 50 segments that I shot over a nine month period of time that could some day be edited into a historical archive, which of course would take many many hours of editing- perhaps something that some of our future media arts students could dig into once they’ve learned a few simple editing skills.