Road Kill Review – Stonefairiff

“Sometimes, people are put in circumstances where they have to make a decision which they are perfectly aware that will completely shape the rest of their lives. We’re not talking about black and white choices, but complex processes, where a subconscious fight between morality, love, selfishness and a sense of self-preservation ensues. One last masterpiece… Continue reading Road Kill Review – Stonefairiff


A campbell daglish film ROADKILL “All roads begin and end at the beach.” Watch On Vimeo ABOUT THE FILM A childless couple celebrates their 7th anniversary with an annual ritual on the night of the Rose Moon. What begins with a romantic effort to get pregnant ends in a petty argument. Speeding off in the… Continue reading Roadkill

Savage Land

A campbell daglish and Henrietta Mann film SAVAGE LAND “The Past is not dead; it’s not even passed” D’Arc Productions SPIRIT ROADS LLC In association with Handful Films Official Trailer SYNOPSIS When Custer County Police kill 18 year old Cheyenne Arapaho Mah-hi-vist Red Bird Goodblanket in his family’s kitchen, descendants of the Sand Creek and… Continue reading Savage Land